Get Cool and Go Ice Skating

When was the last time you strapped on a pair of ice skates and went whizzing across the ice? With all of the recent TV interest in ice skating, including figure skating, speed skating, and Dancing on Ice, isn’t it time you took the kids out to get busy on the blades?

Ice rinks in the United Kingdom are experiencing a huge surge in popularity due to all of the TV interest. Is there one near you? Of course, you could always find a temporary ice rink — these are made of wax, but they are more difficult to skate on.

My tips for ice skating — make sure you wear thick socks to prevent blisters. Wear thick warm clothes, because, as you can imagine, it gets cold. Learn the basic stopping techniques, and tuck your fingers in if you fall. Ice skating is lots of fun, and something the whole family can enjoy.

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