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I love Internet bingo, don’t you? One of my favourite things about it is the social aspect. If you haven’t played Internet bingo before though, you may be interested to learn that every site has its own chat room. Some even have several chat rooms, all with different characters and activities and games.

Every chat room has a chat moderator present. These friendly people are highly trained individuals, on hand to help you if you’re new to the game, to run chat games, and to keep the atmosphere happy and positive.

Over the years, I have got so many of my friends into Internet bingo, and we use the chat rooms as a big meeting place. I only need to log on to Cyber Bingo and I know what Janet is up to, and my sister Cynthia. Saves a fortune in phone bills! We love getting together in the Cyber Bingo chat rooms and gossiping. It gets even more exciting when one of us wins a little bit of cash. Happy days!

If you fancy getting to know me and my friends come and join Cyber Bingo today. There is a £30 free bingo bonus coming your way plus a £1 free trial so you can try out Cyber Bingo at no risk to yourself. Come and get chat happy with us — you’re going to love it.

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Gary Beal

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