Gearing Up For Xmas!

Probably you’re asking “already??” Yeah, we are already looking forward for the most special of all months, December!

In reality this incredible deal ain’t for Xmas, but for a couple of weeks before :D.  Listen carefully to it and let me know whether it’s worthed or not! We have set up our 1st Xmas promo and its the £20K Xmas Sleigh.

This is about 20 games in total that will be played on 2 different days, the 8th & the 15th of December. Everyone will be playing for a jackpot of £1,000 in each game for a total of £20,000! Now here’s the deal :D. Purchase your Multi Pass for ALL the 20 Games for just £5.

You have to purchase your tickets before the 2nd December (after 2.2.12 ticket cost will be £20.) You can play for £20K in 20 different Games for just £5! I am already waiting for your pre-orders at the Ticket Office! See you soon :D.

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Gary Beal

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