Freaky Fridays every week

We’re gonna freak you out with our Crazy Games which we play in CyberBingo‘s Classic Room every Friday.

Join us from 5PM-12AM ET as we will be using one of our Freaky Patterns once an hour with prizes ranging between $1 and $300 which change randomly on each call.

You’re also going to have 8 opportunities to win a huge $5,000. This is because we will be playing a $5,000 Coverall minimum $50 Game as Top of the Hour.

We will also play Three-Part Games as Mid-Hour Special. These will have starting prizes of $5/$10/$25 which will increase according to players’ wagers.

Don’t forget that if you can’t make it every Friday, you can still participate by pre-ordering your cards from our game lobby! Enjoy!

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Gary Beal

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