Forget the grey skies and clouds

Boo! It’s raining! The Cyber Bingo Blogger is right naffed off. I had my washing out, my patio furniture in the garden, and I was sitting on a sun lounger with my laptop when the heavens opened. Sick of it! But, help is at hand in the form of the Cyber Bingo £3000 Summer Sizzler. This huge game is coming your way on 15 July, and could see you winning anywhere up to £1500. Just the perfect sum to jet off somewhere hot and sunny.

And, just to make it even more exciting, it is a 75-25 Swedish Bingo game which means there are potentially lots more winners. The full house will win £1500, four lines wins £700, three lines wins £500, two lines win £200, and one line will win £100.

All in all, that is a prize pool of £3000 — I love playing Internet bingo when you can win so much!

So, forget the rainy weather and let’s concentrate on prebuying for the Cyber Bingo £3000 Summer Sizzler. Register today for a 300% welcome bonus and hopefully, I shall be seeing you on a sun lounger somewhere scorchio!

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Gary Beal

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