Fancy a winning of £777?

Haven’t you started your countdown yet? 3 days left and you can be the winner of our £777 Jackpot game.

Yeah that’s right, CyberBingo ensured you have the chance to play this game once again. It’s one of our player’s favourites and it’s getting closer and closer!

You have to remember two important things buddies.. First of all that our special £777 jackpot game will be played next Friday 18th November at 20.00 GMT in our £777 Lucky Jackpot Room.

On the other hand another important factor is that if you can’t make it on that day, you can still play and win in our unique game by pre-ordering your tickets from our £777 Lucky Jackpot Room ! If your ticket will be a winning ticket, we’ll just stick the money in your bankroll!!

Get your tickets at only 5p and ensure an amazing experience next Friday here, at CyberBingo… Bingo at its best since 1996!! 🙂

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Gary Beal

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