Easter and Traditions

Easter is the most important and oldest festivity of the Christian community, celebrating the resurrection of Christ.  Easter takes place between March 21st and April 25th on the first Sunday after the first full moon.  In fact Easter is never celebrated on the same day like for example Christmas.

Despite not holding the same popularity as Christmas, Easter time remains an equally fascinating time of the year for many reasons; celebrations people share, exchanging of gifts, the Easter Bunny, the baskets, the eggs and even the hot cross buns.

Such is the popularity of Chocolate and Easter bunnies that every year we get an opportunity to purchase different kinds of Easter eggs to savour.  And who can blame anyone for this love for all kinds of deliciousness around us?  Oh the little joys of life J

Worth mentioning is the fact that Easter Eggs carry an old tradition and have been around for many many years now.  In fact Easter eggs symbolize spring and a new beginning and as their popularity suggests, they are a very traditional custom in many countries around the world.easterbunny

While the celebration of Easter carries a much larger significance to many, the inclusion of children in the fun side of Easter can be accredited to the different complex interpretations surrounding Easter from a religious viewpoint.  So for this reason, we tend to shift our attention to the more light hearted and joy filled symbols of eggs and rabbits which have eventually resulted in the traditional fun packed egg hunts.

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