Dragons fish and five kids its a busy life being a Cyber Bingo chat host

There are plenty of people who work behind-the-scenes at Cyber Bingo, but the Cyber Bingo Blogger really must congratulate our dedicated chat hosts.  These guys work tirelessly to bring you the very best in chat games, often whilst juggling busy home lives.

 For instance, take CM Georgina.  She lives on the Scottish borders in a nice little village.  She is run off her feet with five kids, two dogs, five fish, one hamster and a rabbit.

She still finds time to read vampire, werewolf and dragon books and somehow manages to squeeze in a bit of offroading.  CM Georgina, or Gina as she prefers to be known, loves Cyber Bingo, because of the friendly atmosphere and friendly banter. Register at Cyber Bingo today for your free Internet bingo bonus, and to meet all of the brilliant Cyber Bingo roomies for yourself — and you will see exactly what she means. Don’t forget to explore all of the excellent slots on offer at Cyber Bingo, and whatever you do, don’t miss the brilliant chat games.

After playing a few of those, you will soon see why Gina is one of our most popular chat hosts.  And if she happens to be in the Cyber Bingo chat room while you are there, tell her I said hello!

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