Don’t Become a Bingo Potato

The Cyber Bingo Blogger knows it’s an easy trap to fall in to – staying in, playing bingo and pigging out. Especially with the cold weather coming! It can be tempting to curl up next to a radiator with a warm laptop on your knee, but take it from me, the pounds soon start to pile on.

Make sure you get a minimum of 15 minutes exercise every day. Try walking, jogging, swimming, or riding a bike. Check out your local cycle paths, become a member at your local gym, or buy a pair of walking boots.

It’s a good idea to ditch the snacks as well. If you have a fridge and cupboards full of naughty treats, it’s all too easy to dip in and munch away. Replace chocolates for fruit, wine for juice, and meat for veg — even if you reduce your calorie intake by just a little bit, it will make a huge difference.

If you follow these simple tips, you will soon start noticing a difference to your waistline and your energy levels. Remember, Internet bingo is a wonderful experience, but being unable to fit into your favourite dress is not!

Gamble Aware ( is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

Gary Beal

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