Do people starting New Resolutions actually stick to the promises made in the beginning of the year?

Making New Year Resolutions or shall I say trying to stick to them has always been something popular amongst many. The question is though, how many of these people actually stick to the promises made in the beginning of January? The answer? 8%. Yes only 8% of people making New Year Resolution promises actually stick to them. That’s approximately 8 in a 100.

I’m quite sure dear roomies, how you obviously have noticed year to year, the large amount of adverts and promotions in the weeks leading up to Christmas and the New Year; all promoting gym memberships and making a fresh start for the year. Yes these sort of promotions and adverts seem to manage to motivate people quite well, however neither of these can guarantee any sort of tangible benefits to interested individual and they definitely should not be the main reasons to start living a healthier lifestyle.

Now I don’t want to be misinterpreted in the way to be seen as I’m condemning gyms, health and fitness. Absolutely not. I am a fitness freak myself for that matter. My point being is that people should understand the deeper reasons as to why they should pursue a regular healthy routine, and these reasons should not revolve around looking good in Summer or looking good for an upcoming event.

In fact, doing things for the wrong reasons may just be the cause as to why the percentage of people not sticking to their resolutions is so low. I personally believe that looking after ourselves and our bodies should be a top priority. By exercising regularly with a well- structured exercise plan that focuses on the 3 most important overall physical mobility, cardio vascular fitness and strength, you can remove most barriers that people put in the way of living a healthy happy and active. AND if pursuing a healthier lifestyle was your main New Year Resolution, I can almost guarantee you will not give up half way through given the right plan and mind set, and your Resolution can last even longer 🙂

This Blog is not intended to provide a healthy lifestyle lesson, though I will be writing a blog specifically dedicated on this topic in the coming weeks. I simply used the fitness and exercise as an example to show how and why most (92%) New Year Resolutions fail.
So my advice is this, why not create an ‘Accomplishment Journal’ in which you can write in and jot down the progress of your goals? For example if on Monday you managed to run for 20 minutes, write it down., and on Tuesday you may possibly write you’ve run 25 minutes. That way you can keep motivated and on your toes.

One last piece of advice. Ask yourself the question of ‘Why’? What is the main reason you want to start doing something new for yourself? List down the potential benefits, and the potential cons and if you end up with a positive feeling, go ahead and proceed. Good Luck!

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