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Come and join the fun at Cyber Bingo. You will have a marvellous experience. If you have never enjoyed Internet bingo before, you will find the perfect blend of high drama, big games and fun right here at Cyber Bingo.

Cyber Bingo is one of the oldest and most established Internet bingo sites in the whole wide world. Indeed, we have been providing bingo cheer to roomies since 1996. We celebrated our 15-year-old milestone this year, and revamped our software now making it even better than before.

Over the years, Cyber Bingo have won many awards for fantastic service, and have paid out £150 million in cash prizes. Get your eyes down and play hundreds of bingo games every day, meet new roomies and prepare to win big.

What gets me most excited about new players joining Cyber Bingo is this — register today to get your £1 absolutely FREE! That’s right! We give you free cash to come and join our site. So, whizz through that quick and easy signup process and come and join our bingo community. It’s a lovely place, and you won’t want to leave — promise!

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