Digging for Snowballs Special

Digging for Snowballs this Thursday!

Get your shovels out and get ready to start Digging for Snowballs!http://hso.vistagaming.com/bingosky.com/2012/newsletters/volume8/49/digging_snowballs.jpg

Bingo on a Snowball (based on the last ball called) and win the prize amount found under it. If there is more than one winner on a Snowball, it will be split among the bingo winners.

This chat special starts on Thursday December 6th will continue take place every Thursday throughout December. So come on over to the Diamond Room where all the magic happens from 8PM – 12AM ET.

Also remember that we have the Weekly Christmas Bingo Trophy tournament where every week 5 players get the chance to win some cash and credit prizes! You could be one of the lucky 5 so give it a shot!

We’re celebrating Christmas throughout the whole month of December so stay up to date by frequently checking our newsletters on site or take a look at our Monthly Specials.

Enjoy Bingo at its best only at CyberBingo!

The CB Team

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