Did you know?

Everyone knows that Christmas is round the corner with only 9 days left! So I can bet that you have almost finished your preparations and decorations for this special day! Today I am going to point out some facts about Christmas.. 🙂

Did you know that?

  • The first Christmas pudding was made as a kind of thick soup with raisins and wine in it.
  • The birthday of Christ was not celebrated on the 25th December before the year AD 440.
  • The first Queen’s speech that was televised was in 1957.
  • Thomas Smith imported some French novelties but these weren’t succesful until he wrapped them up and added a snapper and formed the Christmas Crackers.
  • A Christmas card was first designed in 1843. 1000 copies were sold in London.
  • The popular Christmas Song “Jingle Bells” was originally composed for ThanksGiving and not for Christmas way back in 1857.

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Enjoy you weekend buddies 🙂

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