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Did you know that online bingo is the fastest growing sector in the online gaming industry?

Statistics show that online bingo is constantly getting more popular than ever each day. Specific technological systems are continuously being developed and improved to make this game easier, faster and a lot more exciting. I should say that there’s gonna be a wonderful future ahead for all bingo lovers out there!

Did you know that bingo is being played by a younger age group?

It’s true that bingo used to be generally associated with older women. However, nowadays, younger players are increasingly signing up on bingo sites and play their favourite bingo games as well. Actually, statistics show that 40% of new players signing up every day are aged 30 years or under.

Did you know that bingo will not stay dominated by ladies for long?

As time passes, men are also being attracted to these amazing bingo games. I mean, bingo sure is relaxing, exciting, and as I previously said, currently dominated by women. Hmm… quite an interesting fact indeed!

And most importantly, did you know that CyberBingo reached its 15th year, this year?

Oh yes, CyberBingo was first established in 1996, making it one of the oldest and best online bingo sites around. If you haven’t registered yet, come on over and sign up today. There are so many great reasons to do so: you’ll get a massive 500% bonus upon making your first deposit of any amount; there are so many different games to choose from, and CyberBingo also operates with the friendliest and the most helpful team you’ll ever find. Enjoy!

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