Diary of an Alaskan Cruise Winner

If you remember, a couple of months ago, Cyber Internet Bingo gave away an Alaskan cruise. Lucky roomie Sabre56 won this prize of a lifetime, and not only did she sail some of the most beautiful seas on Earth, she met up with our favourite Cyber Bingo chat moderators. Here is the first extract from her exciting diary — more to follow!

”Well the journy has begun,7:30 am, off for a once in a life time event, meeting CMChica oops cruise to Alaska lol, Well Tonia,lanzo,linkthepink,daddy,marcel,ice,mary and the rest of ya who pe you are all missing me wanted to stow a way in my bags I waited for ya but oh well snnose ya lose lol Hope you are all missing me.
Flights were good, long without a ciggie lol but I made it, got through coustoms without getting in 2 much trouble, Finaly made it to Seattle, very tired and was waiting for bags to come through…

WHEN!!!!!! suddenly we saw these massive banners saying Welcome Saber56, WOW awsome, there was CMChica CLTracer, CHDove and CHSawdust!!!! Chica even had a crown for me with Saber on it. I will never forget how speical I felt

Chica is exactly how I thought she would be, a lady after my own heart, she said I was just how she thought I would be to. within mins we were laughing and having a good time, felt like we had been friends for a life time.

Chica treated us to fab dinner at a country western steakhouse, where we had drinks and a Coyote steak salad, then to hotel and off for a much needed sleep what a wonderful day, can’t wait till we go to ship tomorrow”

part 2 to follow soon …

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