Blowouts are real famous here

At CyberBingo, every single day is a magnificent celebration! This is because the CyberBingo team just love to see their players win over and over again.

And they actually mean it! In fact, having more winners does not mean that CyberBingo stops giving out bonuses and gifts. Instead, CyberBingo does the opposite, by giving out additional special bonuses every week.

500% Bonus BlowoutFor example, tomorrow, Saturday April 9th, CyberBingo is going to explode all current players’ accounts with a massive 500% Bonus Blowout on deposits of $100 or more. It’s going to be quite a huge explosion, isn’t it?

If you’re new to CyberBingo, there’s going to be the usual 500% welcome bonus given on any amount. If you further deposit $100 or more you will also get the additional 500% special bonus on this particular day. Very interesting indeed!

So don’t forget to rush over to CyberBingo first thing tomorrow morning and benefit from this incredible offer. See you there!

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