Cyberbingo and St. Valentine’s

Surrounded in mystery and intrigue, the history of Valentine’s Day is colourful.
With its’ traditions firmly implanted in Roman, Catholic, Christian and Victorian history, Valentine’s Day was known as the day for public worship of Christian Saints called Valentinus.

Stories surrounding St. Valentine relate to the imprisonment of Valentine, who continued to marry soldiers against the wishes of Claudius the second. With the revelation that Valentine continued to perform wedding ceremonies, Valentine was condemned to death by Claudius the second. Prior to his death, it is widely believed that Valentine was visited by the jailer’s daughter, to whom he presented a letter entitled ‘’From Your Valentine’’.
Now established as the day of Romance, Valentine’s Day is celebrated annually and internationally on February 14. Love and affection are expressed through the giving and exchanging of flowers, love notes, poems, cards, chocolates, jewellery and even marriage proposals.

Symbols related with Valentine’s Day are cupid and arrows. The most popular of flowers is known to be the Red Rose which is seen by many St. Valentines’ enthusiasts as hugely romantic.blog_970x350

At Cyberbingo we love being romantic and lovey particularly with our amazing bingo friends and for that reason we will provide our players with the opportunity to enjoy St. Valentines’ between February 8th and February 21st with a chance to play for $6,000 in prizes in our Valentine’s Bingo tourney and Valentine’s Slots tourney.

Our special Valentine bingo games will play once an hour in our Valentine Bingo room and the more games you win, the higher you climb up our tourney leader board and a bingo loving $1,000 cash as our tourney winner. There’s bingo love for everyone with fantastic prizes for the top 20 players in our Valentine’s Bingo tourney.

If you love slots, you’ll love Valentines Slots tourney. Play any or all of our selected Valentine slots tourney slots for your chance to be one of 20 winners who will end up a winner of fantastic prizes of up to $1,000 in cash. Start spinning and winning to share the love in our Valentines Slots tourney.

Join in the Valentine bingo fun and share some Valentine bingo love with your amazing Cyberbingo community 🙂

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