Cyber Bingo will make you ROFL

LOL! ROFL! PMSL!  The Cyber Bingo Blogger knows it is fairly easy to work out the majority of abbreviations players use in the chat rooms.  When you play Internet bingo at Cyber, you will see lots of initials and shortened expressions.  Because the chat rooms move so fast, these abbreviations help the chat to flow quickly and smoothly.  But there are a few others that you might not know the meaning of.

BBS = Be Back Soon.  Perfect if you’re hopping off for a quick loo or cuppa break.

GLA = Good Luck All.  Let’s wish everybody good luck before the game starts.

TY = Thank you.  After all, everybody is lovely in they Cyber Bingo chat room and you will be wanting to use this expression quite a lot.

To be fair, there are dozens of other abbreviations, and the Cyber Bingo Blogger finds it difficult to keep up with them all.  New ones come into fashion, and old ones disappear.  Why not join the Cyber Bingo chat rooms today and create your own set of initials… go on … make me LMAO.

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Gary Beal

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