Cyber Bingo still glorious after 15 years

It surprises many people to learn that Cyber Bingo celebrated its 15th birthday in January. Many people think that Internet bingo is a brand-new phenomenon, but Cyber Bingo was one of the first ever sites to launch. Because we have been around so long, it absolutely makes us one of the best places to play internet bingo. Our chat moderators are very well trained, and our loyal roomies have been around for years.

We love newcomers in the Cyber Bingo chat room as well, so come and say hello. The moment you register, you get a big heap of free bingo cash which you can even spend in the Cyber Bingo Casino. This is great news if you love the slot games, and certainly makes Cyber Bingo stand out from the pack because a lot of Internet bingo sites won’t let you do this.

Cyber Bingo have had so much fantastic experience over the years — we have round the clock support, meaning if you get stuck or need advice, there is always somebody on hand to help you. If you’re looking for somewhere a little bit special to play bingo, then make Cyber Bingo your very next port of call. I promise you will love it to pieces.

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Gary Beal

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