Cyber Bingo reward your loyalty BIG TIME

I can’t open my purse without tokens, vouchers, and loyalty cards for supermarkets falling out.  Don’t you just love money-saving schemes, where your loyalty is rewarded?  I love to collect them all up and treat myself to something special when I have enough points … it really does make all that spending worthwhile.

And you will be glad to know that Cyber Bingo rewards players in a similar way.  We thank you for depositing at our site, as every time you make a deposit, we give you a big heap of free bingo cash.  Internet bingo does not get much more generous than this.  Here’s how it works:

Deposit between £10 and £19.99 to get yourself a £5 deposit bonus.  Deposit between £20 and £40.99 to get 15% back.  And, be a high roller and deposit £50 or more, to get a £50 deposit bonus back.  Great!  That’s 100% back — how many Internet bingo sites do you know that offer THAT kind of bonus?

We even reward brand-new players with a £30 free bingo bonus after £10 is deposited.  Sign at Cyber Bingo today to start taking advantage of this loyalty scheme and to meet all of your new friends in the Cyber Bingo chat rooms.  Lots of fun to be had and winnings to be won.

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Gary Beal

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