Cyber Bingo New Year countdown is on

So — the Cyber Bingo Blogger wants to know what you’re doing this New Year?  Going out with friends?  Going to a very expensive pub?  Waiting in the freezing cold for a taxi?

Well — if this thought makes you quake in your boots, I have a better solution.  Join me and the Cyber Bingo roomies for the party of a lifetime at Cyber Bingo.

The countdown to New Year begins at 8 PM on New Year’s Eve.  Join us in the NY Bingo Room for double bonus points and a chat party special.  Then, at 11 PM GMT, a huge £2010 game takes place.  The minimum is to £2010 so somebody is going to be walking away from that game with a big wad of cash.  Tickets only cost 35P each.

Get along now to Cyber Bingo to claim your £30 free bingo bonus and to get prebuying.  Then, when it comes to the big night itself, all you have to do is sit down and prepare to enjoy the fun.

Nobody does a New Year’s Eve party like — best get a bottle of champagne on standby just in case you win.  And what the heck — even if you don’t win, let’s pop the cork together.

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