Cyber Bingo kitchen appliance giveaway

Bored of your kitchen? Then you need to get Cyber Bingo where you could be winning lots of lovely prizes to help spice it up. Check out the Heaven’s Kitchen promotion where you could be winning a stylish gadgets every day.

Every day, one lucky Cyber Bingo winner will get to choose a gadget. If you play bingo every day from 19:10, between 15 and 29th of June, and manage to bingo on the salt pattern, you will win.

Also, there is a big high-end kitchen appliance game. This takes place on July 7 at 20:15, and one lucky winner will get to choose from a range of fabulous appliances. Will you go for the Bosch washing machine, the SMEG full-size dishwasher, or the Hoover integrated fridge freezer? Sounds marvellous, doesn’t it? And all that, just for playing a game of Internet bingo.

So, you need to get Cyber Bingo now to take part. But first you gotta become a member. Register today for your £30 deposit bonus and, as soon as you have done that, you are free to come and join in the kitchen fun. Let’s cook up a storm playing Internet bingo.

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Gary Beal

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