Cyber Bingo invite you to Hall of Fame

So, you never made it onto X Factor.  You got booed off the stage on Britain’s Got Talent.  Heavens above, you never even got a walk on part in the school play.  It sucks not being famous, doesn’t it?  The Cyber Bingo Blogger knows that.  However, Cyber Bingo have got a very different approach to fame.  If you’ve ever played Internet bingo at Cyber, you will know how fantastic it is.  And that is why we invite our loyal players to join at Wall of Fame.

This is your big chance to become a star and let everybody know why it’s so great to play Internet bingo at Cyber.  And it’s so easy to get your name up in pixels.  All you have to do is record a short video of yourself saying why you like Cyber Bingo so much, and we will upload it onto our site.  Scrolling down the list of superstars, you can see that dozens of people have already decided to do this.  To be fair, the Cyber Bingo Blogger isn’t surprised.  Cyber Bingo is the home of the oldest Internet bingo in the world, having launched in 1996.  In fact, in January, Cyber celebrated 15 years going strong, and we fully intend to last another 15 years … and another!

Register today for your £30 bonus when you deposit a tenner, and prepare to play the very best 75 ball and 90 ball bingo around.  Now go and dig that camcorder out!

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