Cyber Bingo Genie has lots of goodies for you

Are you ready to meet the Cyber Bingo genie? He pops up as
soon as you click on the homepage and is here to grant you your wishes. He is
part of the Cyber Bingo 15th year anniversary celebrations and he has lots of
prizes hidden away inside his magic lamp.


The genie is putting on four weeks of promotions that you
can participate in and his prizes are fantastic. How would you like to be
winning £350 in cash? Or even a brand-new Apple iPad? The Cyber Bingo genie
also has £200 in cash ready to be won, a 42 inch LCD TV and a Hewlett-Packard
net book.


To join in the fun, bingo on the special patterns which are
the Genie’s Lamp and number 15 and you could be well on your way to winning
these marvellous goodies.


If you aren’t a member at Cyber Bingo yet, I can highly
advise it. Not only do we do fabulous promotions like this, there’s £30 free
when you register. Cyber Bingo are one of the most long-running and established
bingo sites of all time — how many others can you think of that has been
providing quality Internet bingo to the world for 15 years? Come and join the
celebrations today.

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Gary Beal

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