Create your Team!

A start of a new month at CyberBingo means that a new Team Bingo Competition will kick off! Contact your buddies and play in our cmopetition.

All you have to do is to send us your name and the name of your 3 bingo buddies you will be participating with. Then, give your team a name and send it to and don’t forget to include the usernames of the 4 members of your group.

If you are a new player, or your bingo buddies aren’t willing to get in this tourney email us on and we will assign you a team :)… Fantastic ain’t it? Then your next step will be to play in our rooms and score as many bingos as possible.

The winners of this competition will be awarded with 1,000,000 Loyalty Points. However we will not award the team that will score most..But we will award the first 10 teams!!

Check out all rules of our Team Bingo now! Create your team, and ensure you will be part of the real thrill CyberBingo has to offer to you and your buddies!!

Enjoyyyyy 🙂

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Gary Beal

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