Congratulations to our Classic Slots Winners!

I’m so happy to announce that our Classic Slots Tourney which played between January 16th and January 22nd was in fact a huge success! The CyberBingo Team would like to thank all our players who went back in time with us and spinned on our Classic Slots.

 Lucky 7s  Fire & Ice  Blazing 7

 Wild Cherry

 Double Diamond Spin  Black and White

A Huge Congratulations also go to our Top 10 Players who had the most aggregated winnings throughout this Tourney. The following awards were given:

Place Username Total Prize
1st unclerock@BS $23,605.00 $500 Cash
2nd lexar123@CB $16,984.00 $400 Cash
3rd babmoore2010@CB $7,849.00 $300 Cash
4th NameInLights@CB $6,639.75 $200 Cash
5th unclerara@BF $5,920.75 $150 Cash
6th clydebird@CB $5,857.00 $100 Credits
7th clydebird@BF $5,517.85 $100 Credits
8th PIXIE2@CB $4,079.25 $100 Credits
9th TT78@CB $3,245.00 $100 Credits
10th Drliz55@BF $3,234.50 $100 Credits


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Gary Beal

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