Congratulations to all our amazing winners

We’re so glad to see so many players winning on our site, and to give you a small taste of how does it feels like to be a CyberBingo winner, we will share some comments received from such players.

Victor28 ($10K winner): “I won the $10,000 prize!!! I can’t believe I won the jackpot and I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful site! I thought I was dreaming when my numbers came in – I was so excited!! For those who think it can’t happen to you, it can and it will. Keep up the good work!”

pattyjack ($15K winner): “Omg luv u guys. never won this much ever. u really are the greatest place to play. I had just logged on. had .83cents left bought 1 cards. was watching news. looked at screen needed 3#s then 2and then yellow. when b2 dropped so did I. sent up a prayer. ty everyone at cyber and all my roomis. Pattyjack”

Donna78 ($33,212.41 winner): “WOW WEE!!!!! I cannot believe my luck! To have won over $30k this morning is so unreal, I love cyberbingo and still am in shock of winning this incredible amount! Cyberbingo is the best bingo site ever! Everyone is so friendly and the CMs are fantastic. I enjoy my time here so much and will continue to do so for years to come I am sure!!!! Thank you Cyberbingo team for making my bingo experience absolutely funtastic! Donna78”

So if you have not deposited yet, come on over and enjoy our massive 500% bonus on any amount you fund. You will surely have a great time and a chance to make part of our elite group of winners as well 😉 Enjoy and good luck!

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