Come and Get Your Hair of the Dog This Evening

The Cyber Bingo Blogger was a naughty girl this weekend. I overindulged at the pub, and woke up with a terrible head yesterday. Not good! I really must be more careful with my white wine spritzers.

Normally, the invitation to another Happy Hour would have me running for the hills, but not the one on offer at Cyber Bingo. That’s because every Monday, between 4 PM and 6 PM, we offer double loyalty points in our very own Happy Hour. Cheers!

Come and join the chat games, whether you have a hangover or not. It’s lots of fun, and it’s the perfect way to forget about that icky feeling.

The good times begin to flow from the moment you register at Cyber Bingo. There is a £30 free bingo bonus coming your way, plus a nice tasty £1. Monday nights are one of the most exciting times to play at Cyber Bingo, as you can also win £1 million at 8:45 PM. Pre-buy your £1 tickets now, and you could be the UK’s next millionaire.

Indeed, I feel so rubbish, the thought of another drink is not pleasant at all. Playing Internet bingo at Cyber is the only hair of the dog I could face right now! See you in the chat room.

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Gary Beal

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