Can’t make it to that game you’ve been waiting for?

Hey there bingo lover!

I thought of bringing some real good news today. I know that some players out there are not able to play their favorite game on CyberBingo at any time they wish, due to work or other commitments, so I prepared some steps on how to pre-order cards beforehand, not to miss that special game you’ve been waiting for so long.

Pre-ordered cards will then be automatically played for you… and make sure to check your account balance as soon as you get some free time as well, because if one of your cards is a winning card, CyberBingo will also automatically credit your account with the awarded funds straight away. Enjoy!

How to Pre-Order Cards:

Step 1: First off you have to sign in using your Username and Password (…of course!)

Step 1: Sign In

Step 2: Click on a ‘Pre-order cards’ button depending on the Room of that specific game you wish to play

Step 2: Click Pre-Order button according to specific room

Step 3: Select the date and time of that most awaited game

Step 3: Select Date and Time of Game

Step 4: Specify the amount of cards you would like to purchase and ‘Order Cards’

Step 4: Specify quantity and Order Cards

Step 5: …actually, there’s no step 5 😛 Your cards have now been pre-ordered and you can put your mind at rest that you are definitely in for a chance to hit that massive jackpot! Good luck my friend 🙂

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Gary Beal

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