Bonus Up 4 D Grabs!

Finally!! You can now access our blog directly from the site! Now, you will be just 1 click away from checking what’s new at CyberBingo :D.

Why stay tuned to our blog? You are looking for quite a straight forward answer. We make sure that you will be updated with what’s going on at CyberBingo as well as prepare some other material that you will surely enjoy reading out!

We will be giving away special treats as well and this will be our first Bonus Giveaway! It’s a one time Bonus of 100% that can be claimed until November 4th! All you need to do is fund your account (maximum deposit:£100) with the promo code : CBBLOG. Previously Non-Funded players will receive their Standard 1st Deposit Bonus of 200% :D.

It’s just our first treat. Keep on checking out our posts and be ready to enjoy your stay even more at CyberBingo! See you in our rooms buddies :D!

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Gary Beal

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