Blackpool Bingo is Calling

When was the last time you went to the seaside and played a game of bingo? I’m very excited roomies. I’m going to Blackpool this weekend and I can’t wait. I haven’t been since I was a young lass — have they still got the Tower there? I want to ride on the Big One, make friends with a donkey, buy a Kiss Me Quick  hat and paddle in the sea. I also want to make sure I buy a breakfast made of rock, and ride on a tram. So excited!

But most of all, I want to play BINGO! That’s because the seaside is the spiritual home of bingo, and come rain or shine, I’m going to be getting my eyes down and testing my luck against the numbers. Hopefully with a bag of sugared doughnuts. Mmm, donuts.

Of course, going to the seaside to play bingo can be a bit of a mission, which is why I love to play Internet bingo in the comfort of my own home as well. Sign at Cyber Bingo today, and you can play away from the inevitable wind and rain you will find at Blackpool, lol!

There is a £30 free bingo bonus waiting for you when you register plus a £ 1 the deposit bonus. And although you can’t win fluffy toys playing Internet bingo at Cyber, you can win enormous progressive jackpots. Bingo is wonderful in all its forms, celebrate it whenever you can!

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Gary Beal

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