Bingo’s Neck-to-Neck with Poker

According to statistics released by Google, online bingo is heading its way to reach online poker for first place most played game on the internet.

Although the popularity of poker is quite high due to its prizes and tournaments worth millions of dollars, online bingo is catching up by offering great benefits, massive bonuses and additional prizes to gain loyalty.

Being an easy-to-play and so excited at the same time, bingo is now targeting various age groups and an increased number of men. This is also due to having chat rooms available and the possibility to set a Bingo Game as automatic. This means that you can go on and do several other things whilst the Bingo Game is being played. There‚Äôs no need to tick off your numbers yourself, or shout Bingo if your card is a winner… prizes won will be automatically awarded straight into your account!

No wonder online Bingo is so in vogue right now! Come on over to and enjoy the most amazing game around!

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Gary Beal

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