Bingo or NO Bingo!

Will you keep your winning amount by saying ‘Bingo’, or try your luck to win more by saying ‘NO Bingo’? Join us for CyberBingo‘s exciting Chat Game tomorrow, Thursday February 23rd from 8am-11am ET in our Classic Room.

Each number will contain a hidden amount from 2BBs to 25BBs. If you Bingo on a number, you can keep the amount of BBs revealed by saying ‘Bingo’. If you choose ‘NO Bingo’, the Chat Host will use the first ball out of the next game as your winning number, which may contain either more, or even less BBs than you first had.

However, be very careful! If the first ball out of the next game has already been won on, it is no good, therefore you’re even risking to walk away with No Bonus at all!

Enjoy Playing, and Good Luck to all roomies 😉

P.S Please take some time to read the Terms & Conditions before playing.

Bingo or NO Bingo

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