Bingo in Asia

We all know that bingo has a strong grip in western countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom but there is no doubt that the game has taken hold over many countries in Asia as well.

Yes it can be said that Asia has been relatively slow in catching on to the global bingo craze when compared to other parts of the world. Yet despite its slow movement, bingo in Asia is quickly becoming a favourite leisure pursuit by a large majority. The game is now being enjoyed by an increasingly diverse range of players from different age groups and backgrounds, many of whom switching to bingo after having tried a variety of other popular forms of online games.5

Given the global appeal that bingo brings to all players of both genders, the rising popularity of bingo in the Asiatic region can hardly be seen as a surprise. What is important to point out is the fact that there is no stigma attached to playing bingo in Asia, unlike in past times in western countries where the game was largely disregarded as a game that was better suited to elderly bingo players.

With bingo in Asia now being enjoyed by a relatively large pool of players, it most certainly wouldn’t be of considered to be of any major surprise for anyone to walk into any bingo hall in the region and see players of different age groups playing the game with so much excitement and intensity. It is safe to say that nowadays bingo in Asia enjoys a rather positive healthy state, with a large portion of the younger bingo players looking out for new online offerings available on the net.

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