Bingo has reached the streets of Hollywood

We surely have no doubt that bingo is one of the hottest games around, but to have reached the streets of Hollywood, it definitely makes it even better!Catherine Zeta Jones

Catherine Zeta Jones, the famous actress who played the role of Elena Montero in The Mask of Zorro, is one huge bingo lover. Although this beautiful actress is originally from Wales, she is currently spending most of her time in America with her husband Michael Douglas and her two children.

This is where the passion for 75-Ball Bingo Games all started. In fact, every year she hosts Christmas Bingo Parties for her family and friends, which are rumoured to be a great hit.

Robbie WilliamsAnd this is not the only celebrity bingo fan out there! The Greatest Artist of the Nineties, Robbie Williams, also enjoys playing bingo. The same can be said for the stylish model Katie Price, and for Ozzy Osbourne’s wife – Sharon Osbourne.

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