Bingo hall benefits from revamp

The Cyber Bingo Blogger (in case you couldn’t guess) absolutely loves to play bingo — whether online, or in a bingo hall.  Over the years, I reckon I have played in dozens of venues — some of them better than others.

My favourite one I played in was a former ballroom — getting my eyes down and checking out the ornate ceiling, beautiful wooden floor and chandeliers was a real treat.  But not all venues are quite so glamorous.  And that’s why I am thrilled to hear about a bingo venue in Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset, which is getting kitted out with all the mod cons, plus an extension.

The village hall in Berrow has just had an extension built, which means new toilets and extra rooms.  The venue is used to host bingo, as well as drama, gardening groups and bowling.

It gladdens my heart to know that bingo is still alive and kicking — with more and more people signing up to play Cyber Bingo every week, it’s obvious that Internet bingo is still gaining in popularity.  And it’s no wonder — to me, football should not be called the beautiful game — bingo is!

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