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The online gaming industry, specifically online bingo games are experiencing a huge surge in popularity across the globe.  More and more people are enjoying the game thanks to its accessibility over the internet and the fact that is available to log on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  There are huge names associated with the market share of this industry such as Paddy Power, Virgin Games Bingo and Party Bingo and they are all falling over themselves to have you register with them.  To do this they offer extravagant prizes and huge sums of money.  Therefore what could you actually win by participating in this popular game?  We have looked into the biggest online bingo wins in history.


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The biggest ever online bingo games wins are difficult to audit officially as there are up to sixty million player who log on to bingo sites and play across the globe every single day.  This game is restricted across the globe in some countries including Japan and even to an extent in the US, as the game technically sits in the online gaming sector, however online bingo is big business in the UK.  Bingo statistics claim that 96% of all bingo players have won at some point.  Furthermore, because the UK online bingo market is concentrated, most of the biggest online bingo wins have been from this country.

  1. In February 2012, Jackpotjoy broke the world record for the biggest ever online bingo win by awarding Gill from Nottingham £510,049.26 for winning the Bejeweled bingo room game.  This is not a bad return on her investment of 25p!  She plans to buy a new house with the winnings as well as treat her family.
  2. The second biggest win recorded comes under the screen name of a UK player, efprazia who won on the Lucky Ladies 88 bingo jackpot at Bet365.  The amount awarded was £430,900 however due to the anonymity of the winner we can only guess what she plans to spend her winnings on!
  3. The third largest ever recorded online bingo jackpot was awarded to someone in the UK who goes by the screen name of Tarragona, who won an astonishing £305,400 on the bingo progressive slot machine game Pirate Plunder at Bet365.

Of course all of these wins pale into significance if you consider that the largest ever bingo hall win was a lady called Soraya Lowell who won £1.2 million on the national bingo game.  She kindly decided to share half her winning with her neighbour Agnes O’Neill who is also her bingo partner.

With such astonishing prizes and feel good stories, it’s a wonder we are all not logged onto online bingo games to try and win a slice of the lucrative cash sums!  With such little outlay involved to participate in these games and such good joining terms and conditions offered by the online bingo companies, it might just be worth investigating.

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