Become a gold lady and reap the rewards

At Cyber Bingo, loyalty pays … lots and lots and lots! Once you register at Cyber Bingo, you automatically become a Pink loyalty member and your account gets boosted by a £1 no deposit bonus. Straight away, you are free to accumulate more loyalty points — and they are so easy to earn. You earn them every time you play Internet bingo and every time you wager on instant games. Simples!

Once your account reaches the dizzy heights of £1500, you then become a Gold Member, and you know what this means? As a lucky gold member, you get even better rewards and better cash prizes. Some of the rewards include exciting and exclusive games, free tickets to top promotions, cashback offers and fabulous gifts all year long.

I can confirm that I am a gold lady and it makes me feel very special indeed. It’s an elite club and you even get your own account manager to have a chinwag with whenever you feel like it.

If you aren’t a member at Cyber Bingo yet, then I advise you join straight away. With a £30 bonus waiting for you, and of course a gold nugget (£1) it’s the only club you need to be a member of.

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Gary Beal

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