Be Loyal To CyberBingo..

Lately, at CyberBingo we have changed our Loyalty Program to ensure that all those players that love playing at CyberBingo will get some exclusive benefits :D..

Once you have created an account, you can enjoy FREE bingo to win REAL cash. Then, you can claim you massive 1st Deposit Bonus of 200% and you’ll be a Bronze Status player were you can benefit from a Re-load Bonus of 50% upon your deposits.

Once you have deposited over £500 life-time you’ll switch to a Silver Status and your Re-load Bonus will increase to 55% upon your deposits. Then, you can get our exclusive invites to be a Gold or a Platinum Player where you can benefit from 60% and 70% Re-load Bonus and 5% and 10% Monthly Cask-back respectively.

Remember buddies, the more you play at Cyberbingo, the bigger your rewards will be!! Do your best to become a BFF Platinum player and enjoy the best treats.

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Gary Beal

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