Banish the Monday Blues with These Easy Tips

Do you ever get Monday blues? I certainly do, so here are a few tips to help take the pain away, and get the week off to a smooth start.

A great tip is to get some sunlight. Get outside and move around. Sunlight stimulates our feelgood hormones so take a trip to the park and appreciate autumn.

Making a list of things you have to do during the week helps. Plan out what you have to do so you can get off to a flying start on Monday. Starters orders!

I particularly like this tip — MUSIC! Turn on music while you get ready for work in the morning — put on your favourite tracks and boogie on down with the hairdryer!

Get yourself a good breakfast — start the day on a full stomach — it’s the perfect way to keep your energy levels topped up and to stop you from flagging.

And finally, look forward to good things — you may have a holiday coming up or a party, so keep that in mind to help you through the working day.

And most importantly of all, don’t forget you can come home and play Internet bingo at Cyber. There is a warm and welcoming chat room waiting for you and the possibility of winning a few quid — so come on in and have fun.

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Gary Beal

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