Avoiding Monday Blues

Heyy everybody it’s me again.. A new week it is, therefore it must be another Monday morning which most probably ain’t full of enthusiasm – duhhh!

Start your day with a good breakfast (make sure you enjoy it.) Then it’s time to start getting back on track for this week. Listen to your favourite artists or bands and sing along if it helps (Suggestion- this has to be done if you are travelling with your own car not with the public transport.) 🙂

After a couple of hours, your afternoon will be approaching and lunch time it is. Possibly have your favourite lunch to brighten up your day. Remember a positive start on a Monday will help you out throughout the whole week.

Evening time will certainly mean some free time for you. Do what you love most. I am pretty sure there are quite a large number of people out there that will be looking to play bingo. CyberBingo is the place to be for a unique bingo experience while having a chat with your bingo buddies and why not, winning some of our prizes.

Once you replace your negative thoughts about your Mondays and change them to positive thoughts you will start getting positive results. Try it out ! 🙂

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Gary Beal

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