Attention All VIPs..

Hello buddies! We have set up a something special and if you are one of our VIPs, you will enjoy reading trough :D.

Our VIP Xmas Wish started off last Sunday and our VIPs were able to play for a Guaranteed Jackpot of £500. However, this was not a one time game! TWO more special events are up this December and they will be played this Sunday December 16th and the following Sunday December 23rd.

So, there’s still £1,000 up for the grabs for our VIPs! Yeah, you need to be a VIP (whether Gold or Platinum) to play these games. This means that you have got an even bigger chance to win. Santa’s elves are looking forward to make your Christmas dreams come true!

Join us at CyberBingo. Games will be played at 19.00 in our VIP Xmas Wish Room :D. Have an Extra Merry Xmas folks!

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Gary Beal

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