Are You Up 4 The Bingo Boom?

Today is the day in which we will be having some explosive fun at Cyberbingo! Join us as soon as you can!

Are you up for it? It’s The Bingo Boom and iIt’s gonna be a day full of bonuses, special games and massive wins. Play in our Irish Luck Instant Game and Win Big and we will award you with a special bonus too! £2,000 are up for the grabs for the 100 Biggest Winners that will be hit with the Irish Luck.

You can play bingo and you’ll never lose, I promise.. Join us in the No Lose Bingo Room and if you don’t win we will give you your money back!! There is also another £1,000 in cash if you win £100 in our Daily Jackpots Tab between 14:30-23:30.

It’s The Bingo Boom at CyberBingo! Spread the word, Max the fun and enjoy every second of it. See you around buddies :D.

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Gary Beal

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