Are You Superstitious?

Hey folks, it’s Friday! But it’s kind of a weird Friday if you are a superstitious person cause this particular date (Friday the 13th) is linked with bad luck.

One might say that superstition is a belief in a false conception, but not everyone believes that these are just one-off events of bad luck during these days. So when did all this fuss about Friday the 13th all start from?

According to folklorists, there was no written evidence before the 19th century. There are number of theories that states the origin of Friday the 13th superstition. A particular theory states that thirteen is an unlucky number and Friday is an unlucky date (not everyone will agree with this statement.) There was also a film back in the 1980 that was named Friday the 13th.

I just hope none of you will be struck with bad luck today buddies! In the mean time, I really hope to see you around in our rooms at CyberBingo!

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Gary Beal

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