April Showers bring May Flowers

To freshen up the environment, the CyberBingo team planted some really nice flowers in the Spring Room. They also thought of spicing the room up by putting from 5 to 25 BBs behind every flower.

Each number, from 1-15 called next Monday, April 18th from 8am-12pm ETApril Showers brin May Flowers, will represent a special flower, for example:

1 is Tulip for 5 BBs

2 is Lavender for 15 BBs

3 is Daisy for 25 BBs

..and the list goes on for all 15 numbers.

To be eligible to win you simply need to bingo on any number from 1-15 and be in chat, which I’m sure you will because who’s going to neglect to wake up with our amazing chat hosts and an opportunity to win? Quite a bright and shiny morning would that be huh?

If you haven’t registered yet, you can still join our blooming room by depositing any amount on CyberBingo.com. You will then automatically receive a massive 500% bonus to play with and enjoy. See you in the chat rooms!

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Gary Beal

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