Any New Year Resolutions?

Hey everybody, 2012 has kicked off now..Did you enjoy your NYE and New Year’s Day? I hope you did!

Did you party with some of your friends or just chilled at home on your comfy sofa? Whatever you have done, you certainly made some New Year’s resolutions. Would like to stop smoking or maybe give yourself some more time at the gym and exercise regularly to ensure a better health..

Actually I have stopped making my resolutions.. Every year with similar resolutions and not keeping any! Hah.. Definitely every year I try to enjoy my life even more..and so should you buddies! I spend some amazing time at CyberBingo playing 75 Ball Bingo or the 90 Ball Bingo whilst having a chat with my roomies.. Try it out, it should work 🙂

By the way, goodluck for your New Year’s resolutions :).. Cya in our rooms buddies xoxo

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Gary Beal

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