All Fair ‘N’ Square Bingo

fair-n-square-jan-14Not everything in life is fair, but here at CyberBingo we bring you the very best Bingo games that give everyone an equal chance to be a winner.

Make sure to join in the fun with our All Fair ‘N’ Square Bingo games, we guarantee that you won’t find anything fairer!

Every player gets to choose and purchase just 6 bingo tickets for each game, no more and no less. With $100 guaranteed games playing back to back, make sure that you are playing in what must be the fairest Bingo game ever.

The All Fair ‘N’ Square Bingo games will play in the New Year’s Bingo Room from 6pm ET till 10pm ET on Saturday January 18th.

Make sure that you are playing CyberBingo’s fantastic All Fair ‘N’ Square Bingo games

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