A Weekend Full of Nines #9s

As from today up till next Sunday, you will just scream and shout as soon as you will see the number 9 involved, especially if you will be at CyberBingo.

Are you ready to bingo? If you will be one of the Top 9 Players to bingo the most as from today up to next Sunday, you will be up for a special treat of £99! The more you bingo, the more chance you have to claim one of our £99 Bonus give-aways.

Alongside this special promotion, we will be playing 4 special games awarding a Guaranteed Jackpot of £90 in each Game. When and Where? Games will be played in our Cloud 9 Room on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 21.00! Get ready to walk away with some cash in hand.

Join us in our 9-themed weekend and get ready to celebrate the last weekend of November in style with some cash winnings thanks to our amazing team at CyberBingo :D. Enjoy buddies!

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Gary Beal

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