A tough time if you cant make your mind up

The Cyber Bingo Blogger is an indecisive old fool. Take me to a restaurant and I can’t begin to come close to choosing what I want, not for at least 10 minutes, anyway. Will I have the fish, the meat, the chicken or the vegetarian option? And then, once the waiter comes, I change my mind multiple times until the ordering pad is a mass of scribbles.

This is what I am like whenever I go to the lobby at Cyber Bingo. There is so much fantastic choice and so many incredible games to play that I get stumped and spend the first five minutes dithering around wondering what to do.

If you’re like me, there is one game on the menu that you really must try and that is the Cruise to Alaska. This is a Swedish bingo game meaning there are going to be five or more winners and the top prize is a cruise to Alaska with £2000 spending cash. Oh yes, it is a biggie.

And, great news — you can start to collect points that can be converted into free tickets, meaning you could be sailing some of the most beautiful seas on Earth, absolutely FREE. Of course, there are plenty of other exciting games on the Cyber Bingo menu, why you don’t take a look and see what tickles your taste buds. Om nom nom!

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Gary Beal

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