Give your mother a gift from CyberBingo

Get your mother, son, or daughter over with you to on Mother’s Day, because you will be able to give them a gift of 2-20BBs, if you bingo on any number in our Spring Room from 11am-4pm ET, while a Host is present.

The host will be having a number board with amounts hidden from 2-20BBs. Make sure that both the player you are inviting, and yourself, are present in the chat room. As soon as you Bingo on any number, you have to give the name of the player you want to give the BBs to, to the Host. Your chosen player and even yourself, will then receive the amount hidden under the number you Bingo on!

If you haven’t registered yet, you can still celebrate this Mother’s Day with us by signing up at You will then receive a massive bonus of 500% upon making your first deposit of any amount. See you in the chat rooms for some extra BBs 😉

Mother's Day Pick a Player

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